Coach With ALS Using Inspiring Film to Motivate Others

When you have a terminal disease, you can shrink into the shadows of despair or, in some cases, you can choose to use yourself as a vehicle for inspiration.

ALS has robbed Jeff Fogel of the ability to physically move, but he's using a movie about his life to move others. It's called "Who Is Lou Gehrig?" a short film which will premiere at the next Miami Film Festival.

Fogel is a youth basketball and football coach. Knowing his time is short as Lou Gehrig's Disease ravages his body, Fogel is taking the film on a tour of local schools. His first stop was an auditorium full of seventh and eighth grade students at Highland Oaks Middle School in northeast Miami-Dade.

"I wanted to educate them about ALS, spread a little bit more awareness, but I also want to inspire them," Fogel said.

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